Attitude Premieres Episode on Miller Syndrome, “Erica Takes Control”

September 7, 2014

Erica Perry hated primary school.

It meant a lot of time hiding in the bathroom, crying from the teasing and bullying aimed at her appearance.

Many years, and many surgeries later, Erica got to a point where she decided enough is enough. A shift in mind set means she no longer feels she must conform to the expectations of others. Now she decides for herself what she should and shouldn’t do, or who she should or shouldn’t be.

From Kung Fu, to swimming, to simply appreciating her own beauty, Erica is now taking control of her life.

See more about the show, including a clip of “Erica Takes Control” at


Dan Buckingham

Dan is proud to be part of AttitudeLive, taking on the role of producer. Outside of work he represents New Zealands wheelchair rugby team, the Wheel Blacks.


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