Backstage with Two Hearts Rock: Making a radical difference for rare disease

August 24, 2012

A year has passed since our first event “Peace, Love, Rock and HOPE 4 Bridget” featuring Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social. As Two Hearts Rock reflects upon its inaugural Rock Gala in the heart of our musical city of Chicago, we feel a great sense of accomplishment, hope and inspiration. Our team is more invigorated than ever to make a radical difference in the lives of children and families who battle rare genetic diseases that are life threatening and left with no cures.

During the first half of 2012, Two Hearts Rock has been committed to working backstage. We have been dedicating our energy to learning more about the impact that Rare Disease has upon our world, planting the seeds for the future of our musical and medical mission and creating our very own website to which we can direct our fellow music fans and followers of Rare Disease Research.

Our uncharted route has been sprinkled with green lights at every juncture. As Two Hearts Rock continues along this serendipitous journey, we keep Bridget Kennicott close at heart. Bridget and her valiant battle with Batten Disease remain at the very root of what we do here at Two Hearts Rock: capturing the power of music to create unity for this lesser known cause which impacts 350 million people worldwide. Bridget’s beautiful spirit, bravery and connection to music inspire us to beat this drum, strum this guitar and share this song with the world!

This fall we invite you to unify with Two Hearts Rock as we plug in, charge up and prepare a robust setlist for all the world to hear. Many have witnessed the unity that music creates. Wherever there is unity, there is HOPE.

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