“On Beauty” Viewing at NYC Premiere on 11/15

October 24, 2014

NYC PREMIERE From Emmy-nominated In The Family filmmaker Joanna Rudnick, On Beauty follows fashion photographer Rick Guidotti, who left the fashion world when he grew tired of the industry’s rigid standards. After a chance encounter with a young woman who had the genetic condition albinism, Rick re-focused his lens on those too often relegated to the shadows to change the way we see and experience beauty. At the center of On Beauty are two of Rick’s photo subjects: Sarah, who left public school for home school after being bullied so harshly for the Sturge-Weber birthmark on her face and brain; and Jayne, who lives in Eastern Africa where witch doctors hunt people with albinism to sell their body parts and the society is blind to their unique health and safety needs.

Rick’s photos challenge both mainstream media’s narrow scope of beauty and the dehumanizing black-bar convention of medical textbooks.


On Beauty NEW Official Trailer from joanna Rudnick on Vimeo.


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