Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Has First National Clinic for Children’s Auto Inflammatory Diseases (CAID)

August 11, 2012

Organization: Stop Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases

StopCAIDnow is focused on providing tools to build awareness of all childhood auto-inflammatory diseases (CAID), a group of rare hereditary recurrent unprovoked inflammation disorders. The organization is the voice for the children suffering and the physicians who are dedicated to helping the cause.

StopCAIDNow recognizes the importance of understanding of these diseases so proper diagnosis can be made and treatment can be started. This will help alleviate the inflammation process and the pain that comes with it. The need for proper diagnosis is urgent for the prognosis of these diseases. If left untreated damage to the tissues, organs and vision (for some) will not only be irreversible, but devastating. To fill the need of understanding, StopCAIDNow helped to fund the first national clinic for CAID at the Cleveland Clinic.

StopCAIDNow is a strong supporter of Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. The pediatric rheumatology department at Cleveland Clinic is nationally and internationally known for their leadership, innovation and superior patient care outcomes in rheumatic and immunological diseases such as childhood auto-inflammatory diseases.

By making a gift to Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, you can join the efforts of StopCAIDNow and help those who suffer from the disease. Your donation will help to fund the first national evaluation clinic for CAID at Cleveland Clinic. This clinic, which is in its first stages, will be a remote place for all children with CAID and those yet to be diagnosed. Here they will receive evaluations, treatments, and testing by Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital physicians who are educated about the disease.

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