Denim Dashers 2016: Sallie Taylor & Family

April 15, 2016

This year’s second annual Denim Dash has so far pulled in over $55,000 in donations from across the globe! Patients, parents, friends and family just like you have taken the time to run/walk/swim/bike/or roll 3.1 miles in support of the rare disease community. This 5k virtual dash was done between March 19th and 27th. What made the dash so successful? Probably the ability for anyone to participate at any time, in any place that suited them.We were able to speak with some dashers about this year’s journey and here’s what they had to say:


Q: Was there anyone in particular you were running for? Who?

A: We were running for our daughter, Kellie Taylor. Kellie is 16-years-old with Sanfilippo Syndrome IIIA. However, we have relationships with three other kids with rare diseases:  Kyra Hilden, 14, undiagnosed; Sophie Shorm, 18, Jett’s Syndrome); and Nilay Deshpande, 9, Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy,  Perhaps next year we will make a more concentrated effort to get schools and the city to understand the importance of this.


Q: Was this your first year participating in the Denim Dash?

A: It was our second; we participated last year as well.


Q: Were you joined by any close friends or family?

A: Many family members and close friends joined us–56 in total this year! We think this is because it’s the one way they can help Kellie or at least help her indirectly.  Grandparents to 83 year-olds; aunts/uncles; cousins; yoga peeps; school friends; service dog … really an amazing turn-out given the minimal advertising we did.


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.09.17 PMQ: What was your favorite moment?

A: Kellie’s birthday coincides with this so all of these people sang her Happy Birthday. When she walks, it means a lot, because she can only walk with assistance.  This year she walked .6 miles until we had a fall.  Then we put her in her stroller.  Also meaningful was that a classmate of hers walked 1.5 miles of the 3.1!  Lastly, a third girl, who is undiagnosed but can hardly get in a car without throwing up constantly, came to the event with her family — very special.


Q: Did you feel this was a smart/easy way to earn money and raise awareness for charity?

A: It works for us, however March in Colorado can mean dicey weather … we had 6” of snow the evening before the race!

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