Designers Donate Gifts of Hope

February 28, 2013

A chance to give someone suffering from a rare disease or genetic disorder an opportunity to experience hope, understanding and compassion is the goal of the 7000 Bracelets for Hope program.

The following jewelry designers have embraced the opportunity to show their support for these families.

Janet Boccardi of Honey from the Bee, which is categorized as artisan jewelry inspired by nature and travel, supports the overarching goal of the 7000 Bracelets of Hope program:

It’s hard enough for a family when a family member gets a disease that everyone knows about and is being studied. The journey these families go through to just find out what is wrong is heart wrenching. If a bracelet can make one of them feel heard or even just bring a smile, that’s EASY! -Janet Boccardi

Tammison Smith of The Bead Goes On has experienced what it feels like to have a rare disease:

After almost 15 years of searching to learn what was wrong, she was diagnosed with neuromytonia or Isaac’s syndrome. Although this disease may not be fatal, it is certainly very difficult to live with. And the absence of guidance and support for what might be coming next is always a challenge.

I have to come up with almost every treatment or coping mechanism and convince skeptical doctors of what I am feeling, since none of them have ever met someone like me. Support is very hard to find and I wanted to contribute to something that helps others like me feel less alone as they walk this long road looking for answers. -Tammison Smith

Diane Ross of Dianes Bargain Bracelets also supported the 7000 Bracelet of Hope program:

Diane’s inspiration comes from her love for crafts and desire to put a smile on someone’s face. Her hand crafted paper bead bracelet was made from old Avon brochures.

If my bracelet could help brighten someones day, then it makes my hobbie that much more worth while. -Diane Ross

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