Donna Davis, Of Sew And So, Donates Bracelets For the Betterment Of Mankind

November 27, 2012

Donna Davis, who has been sewing for over forty years, is apart of Sew & So Creations: a family owned business in Ohio. Her creations are also freatured through Etsy.

Their goal, as a family operated business, is to give their customers the highest quality craftsmanship as quickly as possible at an affordable price. Although her passion is working with fabric, by making alternations, monogramming, completeing custom embroidery, quiting and designing costumes, one of her favorite hobbies is jewerly making.

I am a jewelry and costume designer. I have made theater and historic costume for various venues, including the 1912 Titanic Project. Costume is my passion. Jewelry art has come as a natural progression to my craft. I enjoy working for charities because this makes me feel I am contributing to the betterment of mankind.

Thank you, Donna for making and donating your bracelets to us!

If you are would like to learn more about Donna and read some of her sewing tips, please check out her blog.


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