Gifts of Hope, Treasures to Keep: The Spirit of Giving to Rare Disease

December 10, 2012

Giving to those living with rare disease, is not just an opportunity to share in their delight of the unexpected, it is also an occasion to understand what it means to experience hope.  Hope for compassion, understanding, and shared acceptance of the realities of their way of life.

The 7000 Bracelets of Hope program is a rewarding charitable program designed to reinforce the uniqueness of individuals suffering from rare and genetic disease.  Each hand-crafted bracelet is unique, just like the 7,000 rare diseases that affect more than 350 million people across the globe.

The following jewelry designers represent just a small portion of those who have taken a moment to dedicate their lives to those suffering from rare disease and offer a reminder that hope is in our genes.



I have always loved creative pursuits and stumbled into making jewelry a few years ago and am now totally hooked. I love artist made beads and am learning how to melt glass to make my beads. I hope in some small, tiny way something I make can be a small bright spot for a family that is suffering. – Elisabeth Auld

Although Diagnosed with Dup15q, Pavel Along With His Mom, Doreen Gladis Make Bracelets for Hope

Doreen Gladis and her son Pavel of BeadsKnitsAndBits continue to support the 7000 ‘Bracelets for Hope’ rare disease awareness campaign donating additional handmade bracelets.  With support from his mom, Doreen,  Pavel has developed his fine motor skills to make jewelry for BeadsKnitsandBits, and continues to be a contributor of this program.

This is a contibution from BeadsKnitsAndBits., in honor of my son Pavel with dup15q. – Doreen



With a passion for genealogy, Yvonne may not be a jewelry artist, but has recently begun to experiment with classic Viking knitting.

The bracelet that I donated is made in the Viking Knit technology. I was told about “7000 Bracelets for Hope” from my friend Deborah Lee Taylor, who also has donated a beautiful bracelet. I think it is a very good initiative, and I would like to be involved and help out. -Yvonne Henriksson


Carefree Jewelry

Lisa Stukel of is a creative jewelry designer, living and working in the Southwestern United States. Many of her designs, like the ones she donated, incorporate great glass beads with interesting color combinations and contrasts. Although creating beaded jewelry often requires a lot of time, it offers many possibilities. Mainly, Lisa designs, makes and sells glass bead jewelry that can be wore best with causal wear. To stay up to date on her creations, please visit her blog or stop by her FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest pages.

This is the second of two bracelets that were donated on 11/12/12. Living with rare disease is a special challenge, please accept my gift. – Lisa Stukel


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