Introducing a New Way to Fundraise: Give RARE

December 29, 2014

The problem is that rare charities don’t always have the infrastructure to raise money effectively online. One site has given the issue some thought.

After all, notes the creator of Give RARE, in addition to the technical skills a rare charity must also be able to design a compelling campaign and train their community. The result is a long list of rare charities who are not only small because they are rare, but small because they do not fundraise to their capacity.

Their solution? was built as an online fundraising campaign that is managed centrally, easy to use and has a low (if not free) cost of entry for rare charities. “Give RARE” is a Rare Disease Giving Day that addresses the challenge above. On Tuesday, March 3rd the site will host a 24 hour Giving Day.

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How does it work?

Every Rare Charity can setup an online fundraising page for their charity. The page takes 10 minutes to setup and funds raised on the page are transferred to the designated charity. There is a central leaderboard that shows how much each charity has raised to drive competition on the Giving Day. In addition, we will create a unique prize structure funded by our corporate sponsors to drive excitement during the 24 Giving Day. Prizes are mini competitions that incent non-profits to fundraise and the winning non-profits receive grants. Prizes include “Power Hours” (most donors within a given hour), “Ultra RARE Fund” (non-profits of ultra-rare diseases qualify) and the “Diamond Fund” (non-profit that raise $10,000 qualify).

1) All you have to do is setup an online page which takes 10 minutes. Every 501.3(c) dedicted to RARE disease or with a specific RARE project is qualified to participate.

2) Ask your community to donate online directly to your non profit page on March 3rd, 2015.

3) Compete with other non profits of similiar size. The more you raise for your non profit the more matching funds you win.

Learn more about the entire process here.

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