Giving Parents Peace of Mind

June 7, 2013

Last week I did a blog on seizure prevention, so to follow up with that I felt it would be good to do a blog on a couple options that are considered more reactionary than preventative. Why? Because both of these options give you, as a parent or caregiver, what I like to call “Peace of Mind.”

Parents and caregivers are constantly worrying about their children and family members, especially those that suffer from epilepsy and other special needs such as a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Children and individuals with epilepsy can have a seizure and fall to the floor as their entire muscle system stops working. Using a protective helmet, such as the Guardian Helmet, for epilepsy will help protect the child or individual from serious injury during a seizure.

I highly recommend the Guardian Helmets because of the fact that they are made from the highest quality EVA rubber and that they are custom designed to be able to cope with the types of impact that occurs during a seizure that results in the child or person falling. Guardian Helmets are a very good source of protection for those children, and/or individuals, that suffer from many other diseases or disorders as well, such as hemophillia and those that cause head injuries and bleeding in the brain. It gives you– the parents and caregivers– peace of mind knowing that, by having a helmet, it makes a big difference between what is considered a minor fall and a trip to your local hospital or emergency room for treatment.

Another wonderful device that has helped give peace of mind to many many parents and families is the Emfit Monitor.

The Emfit tonic-clonic seizure monitor is used to detect and notify you if the child or individual with epilepsy suffers a tonic-clonic seizure while in bed. Additionally, it can also monitor an individual’s presence in bed and will give notification if the monitored person leaves the bed and does not return within a certain and preset amount of time.

One of the hardest things I hear all the time is how it is so difficult to let your child sleep alone in their room out of fear. Fear that your child will have a seizure while sleeping and you won’t hear or know it’s happening. The Emfit Monitor is the best investment one can make for your family and one that I feel every household should have or consider purchasing. The other thing I like about the Emfit Company is the willingness they have to work with individuals and families that are in need by helping them to receive one of their monitors. Again this will give you peace of mind to know that at night your child can sleep in their own room and you get the security of knowing if they have a tonic clonic seizure you will be alerted immediately.

For more information on the Emfit Monitor, you can contact 1-877-323-6348 or e-mail [email protected].

To order a Guardian Helmet go to and enter coupon code EWFLIL to receive a $5.00 discount and a $5.00 donation will be made to the Epilepsy Warriors Foundation in your name. If you would like to speak to someone directly you can contact Duane McDaniel at 1-805-214-3255.

About Susan Noble and the Epilepsy Warriors

As President and Founder of the Epilepsy Warriors, Susan Noble is striving to reach as many people within the local communities to help educate and bring an end to the stigma of epilepsy. It takes team work. It involves supporting each other in all efforts. It means showing the world that epilepsy is worth researching, fighting for and funding. We are all fighting for a CURE for our children and those “living with epilepsy” every day. We are a new foundation– one with a passionate vision. This vision will light our path and guide us towards our goals of “enlightening, empowering and curing.”
Susan and her family reside in Fort Myers, Florida otherwise known as her little slice of paradise.

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