Global Genes|R.A.R.E. Project is Thankful for Health Blog Nomination

December 5, 2012

Hope is like the ripest fruit at the top of the tree, always in our grasp; with our feet planted firmly to the ground, our minds are forever reaching with a commitment to the bounty of that first sweet bite.

Global Genes|R.A.R.E. Project believes that Unity Creates Hope™ for those suffering from rare and genetic disease.  Hope anchors us to our beliefs, our desires for treatment and cures.  Hope gathers us together to be as one; together for a purpose greater than for which we were born.  For the rare disease community has the delicate burden of learning the true meaning of humility and sacrifice.  And together we are one in the same, hoping for quality of life.

The Global Genes Project (GGP) blog has always been intended to provide educational support, awareness, and hope.  Through the voices of patients, scientists and physicians, we can educate the masses of living life with rare disease.  With GGP, our mission to inspire hope in others and change people’s lives is a commitment to the community that is always steadfast and true.

With the recent nomination for the Wego Health Activist Hero Award, we are truly honored and thankful for those who support our efforts to help others in their rare disease journey.

WEGO Health Activist Award

We believe in our partners, our patients, and constant hope for empowerment of our rare disease community.  If you too believe in our desire to raise public awareness for better treatment and cures and for the overall benefit of rare and genetic disease sufferers, please endorse our efforts to help us make a difference.

Hope is in our Genes.

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