Halloween Contest: Get Creative!

October 1, 2014

As summer draws to an end and Walgreens begins displaying fun-sized bars of snickers and tempting bags full of candy corn, we have to ask ourselves the serious questions. What will my child want to be for Halloween? Where are we going trick-or-treating? Are they still young enough that I can eat all their candy without them really noticing?

But for those with children who have rare diseases, there are a few more questions that really do matter:

If my child can’t eat regular Halloween treats—how can I make trick-or-treating fun for them?

If my child isn’t mobile, how can I incorporate their wheelchair—or other medical equipment into their costume?

If my child is in the hospital this October, how can I make this spooky day a special one for them?

 Do you have a great family Halloween tradition that helps keep the holiday fun for your little monster? We want to hear it! Send us your best tips, ideas and even links to pictures using the comment section below!


First place winner will receive a $50 Walgreens Gift Card! Our second and third place winners will get a Global Genes Gift Bundle.

Submission Rules: One entry per person.  Entries must be submitted via comment below. You can submit pictures in your entry by uploading them to imgur and pasting the link into your comment. Entries MUST be in by October 25th. Winners will be announced on Halloween day!



Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.30.55 AM

First Place: Autumn Timko

Second Place: Melinda McGraw

Third Place: Kaiya Logue 

Thanks to all who participated!

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