Harmony 4 Hope Introduces ROCKTOBER

October 19, 2015

H4H Coming To You LIVE from Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

ROCKIN’ RARE DISEASE is always in season but especially this month as Harmony 4 Hope brings the “unsung songs” of Rare Disease to aspiring medical students at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine for year two of our signature Rare Disease Educational Initiative ~ ROCKTOBER.

 On October 19th H4H is honored to feature the voices of four very special Rare Disease ‘Rockstars’ representing four different rare disease populations.

Harmony 4 Hope remains committed to sharing the voices, faces & stories of  Rare Disease to amplify this critical cause impacting 1 in 10 Americans.

Your Story is Your Song.  Sing It Out Loud.

Read more about the event here.

About Harmony 4 Hope

Harmony 4 Hope is a not for profit 501c3 tax exempt corporation founded in 2014 for the purpose of using Music to uplift children, create community awareness for rare disease and contribute to Rare Disease Scientific Research.

The Harmony 4 Hope Team is committed to growing these efforts, identifying additional opportunities that align with our mission, and building a sustainable charitable organization that is recognized as a leader in supporting Rare Disease Research and Awareness through the Power of  Music.

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