Hope Bracelet Symbolizes an Intertwined Network of Support During a Long Journey, Seeking a Diagnosis for Alex

February 18, 2013

After more than two years of extensive testing, Alex is still undiagnosed for a progressive neurodegenerative disease that slowly over the course of the past 15 months has taken away Alex’s abilities to walk, write, talk, sit, feed himself and even to play and build with his favorite toys. The progression of the disease continues.

We received the package with the beautiful bracelets just before the bittersweet news that Alex is now aspirating certain liquids and may need a GI tube and the confirmation of a consultation at The Mayo Clinic.

For us, the bracelets are a reminder that we are not alone and that behind the facade of daily struggles and challenges in our journey to find a diagnosis, there is an intricate weaving together of individuals forming a community that sustains and bring us a step closer to solving Alex’s puzzling disease. These individuals include encouraging family and friends from near and far, a myriad of prayer groups from our own church and others, the wise doctors and scientists and the kindness of strangers who direct us to new connections and resources.

Like in the anticipation of the bracelets we received, we hope that Alex will be diagnosed soon so that we can begin a new journey to seek treatment for him.

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