Hope Bracelet Touches The Lives of Marilou Senseman and Her Daughter Emily, In Their Fight Against Angelman Syndrome

November 3, 2012

The Bracelet for Hope program continues to touch peoples lives, and for Marilou Senseman and her daugher Emily, it was perfect timing.  Marilou has been advocating for her daughter Emily in her battle against Angelman Syndrome.  After another visit to the Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Epilepsy Unit to stabilize the seizures Emily had been having, a ‘Bracelet for Hope’  package with words of hope and support had arrived at her home, in perfect time.
I receieved my Bracelets for HOPE on the evening my daughter and I returned from the Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Epilepsy Unit after being admitted, yet again, for trying to stabilize my daughter and control the seizures that have been labeled intractable since last July.  During our visit, the neuromtabolic doctor reminded me again that this is a doctor I want in ‘my corner’ when new discoveries are being made. The type of doctor who may one day remember my daughter as the child who no one could find an answer for.  The doctor who may one day call me and say…”I think I know the answer to this mystery and can help”.
I am putting on this bracelet in hope that someone keeps trying to “Care about Rare”.  Thank you so Much!   – Marilou & Emily
To learn more about Angelman Syndrome visit Angelman Syndrome Foundation.
We are so glad that your bracelet has given you hope, support and brought a smile to your face!

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