Impact Report: What to Expect at World Orphan Drug Congress, USA 2013

April 3, 2013

From April 9th through the 11th, the World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2013 will bring together over 1,000 people to discuss issues facing the development, regulation and marketing of orphan drugs for rare diseases. The largest international, commercially focused event for the advancement of rare disease research and orphan drug development, the World Orphan Drug Congress USA is comprised of free, on-floor seminars and demonstrations, conferences and workshops.

What To Expect?

  • On-floor seminars and demonstrations that showcase technology and equipment
  • Networking opportunities that allow connections to development between biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, patient groups and government agencies
  • Conferences on development, discovery and commercialization of orphan drugs
  • Discussions between industry leaders on important topics pertaining to orphan drug development

Sample Presentations:

  • How to Pay for Orphan Drugs: The Truth About Insurance
  • How to Raise Funds to Get Your Disease Researched
  • How Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation Structured Their Rare Disease Registry
  • How to Expedite Orphan Drug Development Through Open Science
  • The Pfizer-Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Collaboration: A Partnership Between Pharma and Patient Advocacy to Advance Cystic Fibrosis Drug Discovery

Who Should Attend?

  • Bio and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Academia
  • Patient Advocates
  • Payers
  • Government/Regulatory Members
  • Research Institutions
  • SME Biotech and Pharmaceuticals

For more information about the Washington conference, click HERE. And to read takeaways from the second World Orphan Drug Congress, click HERE.

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