South Africa Celebrates Inherited Day on Sept. 24th

September 5, 2014

Organization: Rare Disease Society of SA

In South Africa, the 24th of Sept is a public holiday where we all celebrate our heritage (much like Independence day in the USA!)

It is known as heritage day. But, we, as Rare diseases South Africa, called this day “Inherited day” and too, celebrate whatever conditions we have been born with.

We do this to try and look at the positives, and find joy in what is often a negative, hard situation. It’s the one day we have annualy, where ALL our patients, regardless of what type of condition they have, can come together, meet one another and just enjoy each others company.

We have lots of activities for the kids, this year we are hosting the event at a farmyard, allowing the kiddies to interact with animals, (this helps a lot with sensory issues.) We have a Pamper Corner for the moms, where they can have some champaigne and get their nails done (a real treat for most moms in the RD community who are all primary caregivers), and then the dads play a cricket game. It really is loads of fun!

In terms of spreading awareness, Our FB page has an event which can be shared.

FB page:

Event page:

Join us for our annual Patient day, where all us rare jewels come together to sparkle in the sunlight.

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