Launch of FindaCure’s Peer Mentoring 2016

July 3, 2016

Find a Cure is happy to announce the launch of their Rare Disease Peer Mentoring Programme!

Following their successful pilot, they are recruiting mentors and mentees for their 2016-2017 round of mentoring.

The peer mentoring programme is a unique opportunity for rare disease advocates to access expertise tailored to their individual group needs, and for mentors to develop their management and leadership qualities.

The year-long programme aims to support rare disease advocates in building the capacity of their patient organisations, in order to improve their patient support services and/or increase their involvement in research into their overlooked conditions.


Head to their dedicated mentoring webpage for more information on the programme, as well as expected benefits, feedback from their 2015 pilot, and the terms and conditions of participating. The page also has downloadable forms to apply to be either a mentee or mentor.

If you have any questions, please email Flóra via [email protected].

Disclaimer: The 2016 peer mentoring programme is supported by a grant from Sobi. This project is operated independently and Sobi has no editorial control of its content.

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