LEMS Meetup 2017: Friday January 20th

January 2, 2017

Kimpton Hotel Palomar | 117 South 17th Street | Philadelphia, PA 19103 | (215) 563-5006
Come join the discussion and benefit from educational information and updates, new connections, and have the opportunity to learn from others living with Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS) in your community. This dinner is open to patients and caregivers who are affected by LEMS.
Global Genes is proud to help facilitate this LEMS Meetup, which brings together those recently diagnosed with LEMS and those who have been managing this disease for many years, to share information, learn from an expert physician and strengthen the community of support.
This meetup offers an opportunity to learn and speak about important topics related to LEMS including:

  •   Disease overview and management
  •   Challenges facing patients, families and caregivers
  •   Resources and support
  •   Connecting with others in the LEMS patient community
    To learn more about LEMS, visit
Keynote Speaker | Goran Rakocevic, MD
Jefferson University, Physician Associate Professor Clinical Director, Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center
With Guest Speaker | Alison Walsh, MD
Jefferson University Physician Clinical Associate Professor

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