Life In Stripes Podcast: a CVID Story

April 9, 2016

My son and I both have CVID. We have low immune systems and it makes it very easy for us to get infections. We get sick a lot. It has caused issues with my son in school and it makes it very difficult sometimes to do everyday things when we are sick. We both take subcutaneous treatments of blood product to boost our immune system every week.
There are a lot of people who don’t know about this disease and there are people around us everyday that know about it and still don’t seem to get what we go through. My husband and I started the “Life In Stripes” podcast to try and raise awareness about CVID and other forms of PI. Our hope is to tell people exactly what we deal with.

We are not experts. We are not doctors, nurses, or anything remotely like that. We are normal people that has had CVID wedged into our lives. Years of having to explain what this is and dealing with stereotypes and assumptions led to the formation of this podcast.

You can expect a new episode every other week. Sometimes we will just talk about what’s been going on in life that week and how CVID has played a part in it. Sometimes guests that may be more of an expert in the field may join the show. And on occasion we hope to have other regular folks come on and tell their story.

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