Life with Lowe: Our Shiny, Loud and Love-Filled Christmas

December 25, 2014

These are a few words that come to mind when I think of Christmas. I can also use the same words to describe my son, Noah, for this time of year.

Noah is such a sweet little soul. He gives his love away freely. We are a close family and very affectionate so we welcome hugs and kisses any time he feels like giving them.

Christmas is also a time I have come to dread just a little. Only for the reason it’s not as simple anymore as taking out the decorations, placing them around the house, and putting the ornaments on the tree. Now, with Noah, who is attracted to objects that light-up or are shiny, it’s a constant struggle to get Noah to not mess with these decorations or the tree. The kid loves to pull at the decorations or the lights, just to get a closer look. In a few Christmas’s past, it’s caused our six foot small tree to almost topple over. A few of our shiny ornaments have succumbed to their fate by Noah and ended up in the trash. It’s hard to tell a kid who has an obsession for lights and shiny objects to leave a Christmas tree alone. It’s a moth to a flame.

Despite all that, I always remember Christmas as a time to focus what matters most and what family truly means. I try to stay in the moment and enjoy all the little things Christmas brings every year. Toppling trees, broken ornaments, and all.

My favorite activity every Christmas since Noah was born in 2011, is watching my kids sit on Old Saint Nick’s lap. My daughter, Isabella, flashes her big smile and starts rattling off what she’d like, and Noah just stares. He doesn’t really understand Christmas or who Santa is but it’s fun to watch Noah stare in complete awe of this large fellow with a fluffy beard and big, red costume, shouting “Ho, Ho, Ho,” when Noah is placed upon his lap.

This time of year also means new toys. New, shiny, and typically very loud (save my sanity!) toys. Just like the Christmas tree, this is what my son loves the most. However, I also love when he shares his deep-throated laugh. We hear this laugh when he’s super excited about something he likes and for two Christmas’s past, he’s gotten some super cool (and for us parents-super annoying) toys that exude the words, “shiny” and “loud.” This year, I’m sure will bring more. However, I may pull Santa aside and ask nicely to choose toys for Noah that I won’t have to put tape around the speaker so I can enjoy a little more quiet…but that’s just life with Lowe!

Maybe if I put out a few more cookies this year…






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