Life With Lowe: The Other Moms

June 20, 2016

by Jenna Maddix

I took an early vacation this year and combined two trips into one. This past weekend was a getaway trip for thirteen Lowe Syndrome mom’s to Nashville, Tennessee. We have a Lowe Syndrome Conference every other year in June and on the off years, mom’s get together around the same time to still have an opportunity to see each other, catch up, talk about our beautiful boys, as well as get to know moms we haven’t had a chance to bond with yet, because after all, we are bonded for life due to this rare syndrome and we are each other’s support system when no one else understands.

I have never been to a getaway weekend with these moms and wanted to have that opportunity. However, I also knew I couldn’t afford to take two separate trips this year as I usually go home to see family for a few weeks every summer in North Carolina (I live in Texas), so I decided to combine the two trips together and invite my mom to fly down one-way and drive with me and the kids to Nashville and while I was with my LS mama’s, she would watch them and after the weekend travel to North Carolina for a few weeks to spend some time with family in the mountains.

I also knew that while it would be a great time away from home, driving long distances, can be a challenge with kids and especially with Noah. It can be hit or miss and how he’ll tolerate it.

On one hand, the trip to Nashville wasn’t so bad. Except for the fact that every single time we stopped, Noah had another bad, very dirty diaper. Several of those times, it went through and onto his pants, so for that, the drive to Tennessee was a little stressful. I only brought so many pairs of shorts for him because with a trip lasting several weeks, you need as much room in your suitcase as possible for everyone’s clothes. Although it continued throughout the entire weekend as well, that was my only major hiccup so I can’t complain too much. For the most part, Noah slept, played with his toys, and listened to his music for most of the drive.

The weekend itself with these amazing, strong, mom’s was definitely a weekend to remember and certainly hope I’ll get to do it when it comes around again in two years. The togetherness, the conversations, the laughing, and yes, sometimes the crying with each other all just make our bonds even stronger. I understand all of these women and their journey’s because it’s mine and I know all I have to do is reach out to any of them for advice and support and get it every time, unconditionally.

The respect and love I have for all of these moms are indescribable and appreciate having all of them in my life. There were a few moms that had shirts made for our trip that describe us quite perfectly. “I’m a Lowe Mom-that means advocate, determined, tears, family, hope, love, support, hero, strong, patience, brave, worry, and friend.” I will definitely wear this shirt with pride and love every time I put it on.

I will cherish the time I had this weekend with these ladies and feel honored I was able to spend a few days with each and every one of them. Now, time to catch up on some sleep.


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