Margaraet Culpit Wins 2nd Place for David R. Cox Prize for Rare Compassion With Essay

February 22, 2016


Margaret Culpit, who placed second in the essay scholarship for the David R. Cox Prize for Compassion found herself most interest in pediatrics. However, she won’t be content in just treating sniffles and colic. Culpit found herself eyeing the challenging field of pediatric hematology-oncology. The draw? Culpit, herself, is a survivor of pediatric cancer.

“I’ve made many relationships over the years with children and families suffering from childhood cancer,” said Culpit. “Both on my own and through being a student at the Mayo Clinic. Each interaction leads to more insight  into what it is like to have a disease that is not widely understood or empathized with.

The scholarship winner said she applied for the program because she felt strongly about raising awareness about pediatric cancers, which are often underfunded due to their rarity.


For this particular journey, she recalls a relationship between a patient, Mason and his Mother. Mason was being treated for, what would eventually be a fatal case of, Metastatic HCC one year after they first met in a waiting room. Her essay goes on to describe the emotional impact the friendship had on her and how this personal interaction shaped her career ambitions.  To read her full essay, click here.

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