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May 8, 2020

Five Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine

We love all of our rare moms out there. The sacrifices, love, and dedication shown every day makes your job the most important one in the world. While it may be harder to show our appreciation this Mother’s Day, if anything, these moms deserve more recognition than usual. Here are five ways you can make your mom feel special while staying home.


1. Create an at-home spa day

The most important part of Mother’s Day is carving out time for mom to do whatever (yes, whatever) she wants. Whether it be yoga, a good movie, or even just a nap, it’s easy to carve out some time in the day to make her feel appreciated and relaxed. If you live with your mom, start by putting some time back into her day by doing some extra chores or tasks around the house. You can use items around the house like candles, music, or even get bath bombs and facemasks delivered for the ultimate at-home day of relaxation.

2. Cook her favorite meals (or order her favorite takeout)

There’s nothing like a thoughtful meal to put someone in a good mood. Using the items in your kitchen to make a home-cooked meal is made easy with things like MyFridgeFood and for anything you’re missing, Instacart can help with grocery delivery. If cooking isn’t your strong suit, food delivery apps like Uber eats, postmates, and grubhub are all offering discounts for local businesses, so it’s easier than ever to hit up your mom’s favorite local spot and get it delivered to her home.

3. Make it personal

Put some of that free time to use and get creative! A homemade card or craft lets your mom know you’ve taken the time to think of her today, even if you’re not an artist. If the thought of creating something sounds too intimidating, you can always turn this into an experience to do together. Create your own art class by looking up step-by-step drawing or painting videos online. You can follow along together using art supplies you already have lying around.

4. Mother’s Day parade

If you don’t live with your mom, but are still able to drive to see her, create your own version of a parade and drive by with streamers and signs (or car paint if you’re really committed). Since the start of the stay at home order, people have been doing car parades to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions while remaining physically distant.

5. Face to face (ish)

If you aren’t able to see your mom in person, and maybe waited too long to send her something in the mail, now is the time to turn to the internet. Apps like dubsmash, jibjab, and animoto are easy, fun ways to create unique videos for your mom that will make her laugh and feel special. While you can always opt for the classic phone call or voicemail, a personalized video or facetime call (if she’s tech savvy) can also mimic the face-to-face time in a more intimate way.

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