National MPS Society Hires New Executive Director, Mark Dant

July 31, 2015

The National MPS Society was proud to announce this July that they have entrusted Mark Dant as their Executive Director after Barbara Wedehase retires.  Dant comes from the Carrolton, Texas Police Department where he is the Assistant Chief of Police.  Mark and his wife Jeanne are the parents of Ryan, 27 years old with MPS I, who attends the University of Louisville.  Mark is the founder of the Ryan Foundation.  He comes to the Society with a high level understanding of MPS and related diseases in addition to the special needs of the community, the urgent need for treatments and cures, and the importance of donor relations.

Mark will ensure proper planning, oversight, and direction of the Society’s research funding, family support programs and fund development activities. He’ll serve as the main public contact and spokesperson for the organization, and will represent the Society in all professional business capacities.

Click here to read the full announcement and learn more about Mark.

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