New Project from Patient Safety Advocates Aims to Inform and Engage the Public

January 5, 2015

Created by parents working full-time careers, the founders of The Empowered Patient Coalition 501(c)(3) worked as pro-bono patient advocates for over a decade. Their goal?  To find a way for patients to gain immediate information critical to safely navigating the healthcare system.

The new project, which can be found at, focuses on creating a grassroots social movement to inform and engage the public to participate in their health care experiences. Patients can sign on as free members where they can show their support and interest in patient education and engagement.

Julia Hallisy, founder of The Empowered Patient Coalition, said, “This project gives the public a vehicle to move the dial on patient engagement by standing united and being counted as members, by strengthening a social movement by sharing a common message, and by improving their lives and the lives of others through learning and action.”

The success of the effort is measured by membership numbers, by the numbers of people who accept a call to action by taking a pledge, and by those who share their patient engagement stories and strategies.

Want to get involved? You can create a membership for free where you can access all of the organization’s guides on topics like communication, community based training, diagnostic processes, discharge and home care, hospital guides, making healthcare decisions and more.

For more information or to show your support, please visit 

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