Join the National Leioymyosarcoma Foundation on October 7-8th for Educational Symposium

August 26, 2016

Organization: National Leioymyosarcoma Foundation

Join the National Leioymyosarcoma Foundation on October 7-8th, 2016 where the NLMSF will present its National Education Symposium for Leioymyosarcoma Patients.

The symposium will begin on October 7th at 3 PM with a patient/family meet and greet at Menchie’s Yogurt Shop in Town and Country, MO. Saturday from 10 AM- 3 PM  will include refreshments, lunch and parking vouchers and will take place at the SITEMAN CANCER CENTER – Center for Advanced Medicine (4920 Parkview Place, St. Louis, MO 63110)  on the 3rd Floor in the Farrell Conference Room.
Program Agenda:
*Discussion on Clinical Trials – Dr. M. Agulnik
*Chemotherapy Trials – Dr. S. Okuno
*Immunotherapy and LMS – Dr. M. Milhem
* Metabolism Therapies coming for Trial – Dr. B. Van Tine
* Advances in ULMS – Dr. M. Anderson
* Advances in LMS Surgery – Dr. J. Moley
* Psychosocial support – Dr. Y. Asvat

Details about the program itself will be provided upon registration.

Interested parties can register now with Annie Achee at 303 783-0924 or [email protected].



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