Novartis Seeks Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness with Thunderclap!

May 15, 2015

TSC affects up to 1 million people worldwide, with one-third of those genetically inheriting the lifelong disorder. This rare condition causes non-cancerous tumors to form in vital organs and can also affect many different parts of the body, including the brain, kidneys, heart, lungs and skin. People with TSC can also have epilepsy, autism, developmental delays and behavioral issues. One of the most challenging parts of TSC is that even though many share genetic threads in common, the journey is different for everyone – each person experiences different manifestations and disease progression.

This May, help Novartis and  honor TSC Awareness Month:

  1. Join their Thunderclap here, and get the word out to your friends and followers to do the same. Your support has the power and reach to broadly educate about TSC and spark discussions about the impact of the disease.
  2. Learn more about the diverse experiences of those impacted by TSC by watching this evocative video series at and following the hashtag #IAMTSC on social media. The more people who know about TSC, the better!
  3. Find out more about TSC by visiting if you live in the US, and visit for more stories about TSC.
  4. On May 28th, watch and “like” everyone’s messages that will be sent out simultaneously on social media channels!

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