One Mom Asks: Can You Help Create Awareness for Rare Diseases?

September 1, 2012

Awareness Day for Craniosynostosis, Chromosome Disorders, Childhood Cancer-Neuroblastoma
Organization: Loving Charlie

Can you help create awareness for rare disease? My two-year-old son Charlie suffers from Craniosynostosis, childhood Neuroblastoma cancer, and chromosome disorders.

By holding a morning tea or RARE Meetup at the local park with your friends – you too can raise A LOT of awareness for these conditions. Some general practitioners and Pediatricians are not aware of Craniosynostosis, and most parents are unaware of the symptoms of childhood cancers.

Do you know someone who has a child with developmental delays? Have they had chromosome/genetic testing done for their child?

YOU CAN make a difference by talking about these conditions. Let’s ask – can YOU hold an event in your local town, park or home with your friends and help generate awareness?

Click on the links for these conditions and let’s CREATE AWARENESS!

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