Rare Disease Report Releases Rare Resource Guide for Clinicians

November 14, 2014

The Rare Disease Report recently released a new resource guide for clinicians managing patients with rare conditions.

This essential guide will be a guiding force in how to treat patients with these diseases, helping physicians to familiarize themselves with policy and regulations, diagnostics and genetic testing, orphan drugs, and how to operate treatment when it doesn’t include the cure.

The book is designed to give doctors relevant resources to share–like websites to get more information, websites to avoid, how to navigate insurance issues, even information on pharmaceutical company assistance programs–to help patients afford treatment within their budget.

The guide also discusses caring for the caregiver of the family as well as how to get patients into clinical trials–and why gathering patient data is crucial to current research.

Doctors will able to quickly and easily get through the guide, as it gets straight to the point–making the process of getting educated on the world of rare disease and effortless task.

Learn more about the guide and how you can obtain a copy at


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