RDLA & Horizon Gov. Show Comparisons of 2016 Presidential Candidates Health Policies

August 2, 2016

As the political conventions get underway, HGA has prepared an analysis of the candidates’ health reform positions. The differences aren’t marginal.

  • »  Clinton’s policies are detailed. Trump’s are bare bones.
  • »  Clinton is doubling down on expanding the ACA and filling in cost sharing for health plans on Obamacare exchanges, arguably a problem created by the ACA, itself. The candidate outlines a raft of domestic and international women’s health proposals and proscriptive responses to HIV/AIDS.
  • »  For his part, Trump supports the familiar Obamacare repeal and replace refrain. His most robust health care policy is in fixing the beleaguered VA system by expanding access to non-VA providers.
  • »  Both candidates go after drug companies through polices to allow re-importation of drugs and HHS “negotiation” of drug prices.

    Regardless of who you support, we hope you find the chart interesting. HGA is working on an analysis of how each candidate’s health agenda may impact different industries and constituencies.

    To see the full graphic click here.

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