Stop CAID (Childhood Auto-Inflammatory Disease) Now Announces “Bringing Home the CURE for the Holidays”

December 23, 2015

top CAID Now ( announces a call to action “Bringing home the CURE for the holidays”. The campaign kick off begins November 1, 2015 and goes on to the 2016 New Year. Support from several celebrities have already started pouring in. The goal is to raise $1M.

All donations are going directly toward funding the final phase of approval for a drug that was developed by Maryland Rheumatologist Dr. Oliver Lawless. This drug secured a 2011 US Patent on a DNA Vaccine that is proven to induce T-regs and is in the process of going through the FDA. Dr. Lawless has functional data already on the outcome responses for this drug and has developed it to CURE children and adults with auto-inflammatory diseases. However this drug shows promise to treat more than just children who suffer from auto-inflammatory diseases, like alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

Chief of Allergy Immunology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Dr. Kate Sullivan recently addressed the urgency for the effective treatment and cure of childhood auto-inflammatory diseases saying, “Childhood auto-inflammatory diseases are life threatening, damaging, and energy sapping. It’s time to move from treatment to CURE!”

Stop CAID Now is committed to seeing the CURE become accessible to all children suffering from CAID and time is of the essence. “Some children and adults are running out of time and there is a drug that could cure them, we just need it to be accessible. For some families this is the only hope they have left.” says Stop CAID Now founder Lisa Moreno-Dickinson, whose son Brody has no prognosis asked Santa for the CURE so that all children suffer from CAID would be healed. For Moreno-Dickinson this battle is not only something she is passionate about but a personal one for her as well, her oldest Aidan has been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos and Mitochondrial which falls under CAID.

This year Stop CAID Now wants to bring the CURE home for all the children who are suffering. To help children suffering from CAID, text 41444 and type CAID into text box for further instructions. Help save a life.

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