The Unique Life of Mr.B: Searching for a Diagnosis

April 5, 2014

This is the ongoing journey of our youngest son, Braeden (Mr.B) who came into this world two months early on November 7, 2011 suffering from Hydrops and Supraventricular tachycardia. He spent his first seven and a half months at Alberta Children’s Hospital and continues to spend more time there then at home.

Mr.B has survived Hydrops, heart surgery, strokes, seizures, Sepsis and Meningitis, 37 Blood Transfusions, Pierre Robin Sequence, chronic lung disease, stomach and intestinal surgeries, polycystic kidneys, chronic UTI’s, Hypotonia (floppy), and more. We still belong to over 22 clinics at our local Children’s Hospital, and even when we are not in-patients, we are still there for appointments several times a week. Mr.B has been through all of the genetic testing available to us at this time and nothing has come back yet, we just say he has “Braeden Syndrome.”

Our lives have been changed irrecoverably but all for the better with the addition of this child. It’s not a pretty or always happy life but it is one filled with unconditional love.

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