ZenZaga: Top 10 Reasons Your Non-Profit Should Join “Give RARE”

December 31, 2014

On Tuesday, March 3rd 2015 we will be hosting the world’s first RARE Disease Giving Day.  We’ve named the day “Give RARE” as we are brining the world together to Give To RARE Disease.

Could you raise $500 to cure your RARE disease?  Well with 30 million Americans affected by a RARE disease, if everyone raised $500 we would raise $15 Billion for RARE disease.

The best part is the money you raise goes to your RARE disease non-profit.

You can sign-up to learn more right now at

If you still aren’t sure, below are:

The Top 10 Reasons Your Non-Profit Should Join “Give RARE”.

  1. It’s Easy – Really easy.  We provide the logos, email templates, system and everything you need to create an awesome fundraising campaign.  Easy money.
  2. The Timing is Perfect – “Give RARE” is on Tuesday, March 3rd.  It’s after everyone’s end of year giving campaigns and before new spring campaigns.
  3. You Will Raise Money – Sign-up, send out our pre-made emails and you will raise money! The money you raise goes to your non-profit.  Sign-up today at
  4. Share Your Story – If there is one thing our RARE community has, it is moving personal stories.  By sharing your story, your fundraising will dramatically increase.  Leverage our personal page fundraising system to allow your RARE familes to fundraise for you.
  5. Prizes, Prizes, Prizes –  Your non-profit may win additional money from our corporate sponsorship funds. You could win money from our Ultra RARE Fund, Diamond Fund, Power Hour, Community Fund, hourly golden ticket draws and many more.
  6. Fun Online Fundraising  – We have all heard of other non-profits raising a ton of money online and seen their smiling picures on facebook. Now you can get in on the action.  With a ready made system and our step-by-step support you can significantly increase your online fundrasing.  We also have Leaderboards that show how each non-profit is doing.  A little frienldy competition creates a ton of excitement and incents your community to fundraise.
  7. New Donors! – Previous giving days have reported 25-30% of the participants were new donors.  What could your non-profit do with more donors?
  8. A Sense of Urgency – Sometimes it’s difficult to let donors know how urgently you need their funds. You only win prizes for donations made on March 3rd, 2015.  That’s urgent.
  9. Together We Are Strong – Individually we are RARE, but together we are STRONG. The more you raise directly for your non-profit, the more we can raise through larger corporate sponsorships.  Larger corporate sponsorships means more prize grants for everyone!  Time to see just how powerful RARE can be.
  10. It’s a RARE Opportunity – Only RARE disease non-profits can participate, which means all prize grants stay within our RARE community.  We are building this together.


Ready to change the world for your RARE disease?  Whether you are an individual with a RARE disease or a RARE disease non-profit, sign-up today to learn more at


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