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The Global Genes Rare Disease Stock Index Soars 19.33 Percent on AveXis Deal
Novartis’ planned $8.7 billion acquisition of gene therapy developer AveXis sent the Global Genes Rare Disease Stock Index soaring. The… Continue Reading
When “Undiagnosed” Is Your Diagnosis
Before most rare disease patients have a name to give their condition, they go on a diagnostic odyssey than can take years and usually… Continue Reading
The Decision to Get Tested for Huntington’s Disease and How It Changed Seth Rotberg’s Life
Seth Rotberg grew up in the shadow of Huntington’s disease, a rare, genetic, neurodegenerative condition. Children of people with… Continue Reading
The Global Genes Rare Disease Stock Index Drops 3.65 Percent on Week
Markets continued to reflect investors’ concerns over an escalating trade war between the United States and China as President Trump… Continue Reading
Nonprofit Sees Need in Developing Gene Therapies for Inherited Eye Disesases
For people with inherited retinal diseases, gene therapies carry the promise of potentially preventing and even curing blindness. But the… Continue Reading
How Maeve Sheehy Learned to Dream
Maeve Sheehy fell asleep as a teenager and woke up as an adult. Sheehy began nodding off in classes at the age of 13 when she started middle… Continue Reading
Casting a Wider Net for Genetic Diseases
While breakthroughs in the ability to diagnose newborns with genetic diseases continues to expand in scope and fall in cost, the extent of… Continue Reading