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New RARE Toolkit: Pediatric Palliative Care
Today Global Genes announces its newest educational toolkit on pediatric palliative care. This toolkit, created in partnership with the… Continue Reading
New RARE Toolkit “Searching For Answers: Contacting Biopharmaceutical Companies Effectively”
“I can do that?” This is the question patients ask when it comes to the possibility of working directly with biopharmaceutical… Continue Reading
New RARE Toolkit – Exploring Treatment Options for Rare Disease: Cord Blood Transplants
For many, the statistic that there are drug treatments for only five percent of the rare diseases currently classified can be… Continue Reading
Now Online: Taking Control: Gaining Independence as a Young Adult with a Rare Disease
Transitioning to adulthood is hard enough. Doing it with a rare disease? That may require some guidance. So, Global Genes has put together… Continue Reading
New RARE Toolkit Release: Access to Unapproved Medicine
What if the medication you needed wasn’t available in the United States? Many patients with rare disease face this dilemma. Our newest… Continue Reading
New Rare Toolkit, Genetic Testing: Is This My Path to a Diagnosis?
Can new testing reveal your diagnosis? That’s what our latest toolkit discusses as it delves into subjects like whole genome sequencing,… Continue Reading
GLOBAL GENES™ Launches “RARE Toolkits” as Premier Educational Resource for the Rare Disease Community
Series of RARE Disease Toolkits Enable Advocates, Patients and Caregivers to Empower Themselves and Inspire Others With 1 in 10 Americans… Continue Reading

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