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Phrank Talk about Diagnosing Rare Diseases
I studied Latin for four years. Reading it was not a problem. Translating it, though, was another issue. Once we moved on from Tres Porci… Continue Reading
Spotting Birds of a Feather
John Atkinson became a birder in fifth grader when his teacher told the students to put away their science books and follow her outside.… Continue Reading
It’s Good to Have Friends
It was nearly ten years ago when Charles Alvin Middleton became ill on a flight home to Tampa Bay, Florida from a business trip. He was met… Continue Reading
Monkeying Around with a Rare Neurodegenerative Disease
At the Oregon National Primate Research Center there’s a colony of macaques that have been around since the 1960s when the Japanese… Continue Reading
A Thought-Provoking Documentary Offers Reminders to Research Participants
When Robert Shafran arrives as a freshman at Sullivan County Community College in New York’s Catskill Mountains, one person after another… Continue Reading
Getting FCS Providers on the Same Dietary Page
Lauren Williams had a problem. The registered dietitian nutritionists at Cook Children’s Health Care System in Fort Worth, Texas had a few… Continue Reading
Why Doctors Should Ask About the Use of Supplements in Patients with Down Syndrome
My wife is a pediatrician and in better health than I am. She is physically fit and obsessively exercises, which is more than I would claim… Continue Reading

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