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Ferris Bueller and the Cost of Pivotal Clinical Trials
It turns out asking what a pivotal phase 3 clinical trial costs is a little like asking, “What does a car cost?” The answer will depend… Continue Reading
Thinking Ahead
When the European Medicines Agency approved Myozyme in 2006, Genzyme’s enzyme replacement therapy for the lysosomal storage disorder… Continue Reading
Greater Transparency Would Improve Patients’ Understanding of FDA Actions
When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declines to approve a new medicine, its delivers the news to the drug developer in what’s known… Continue Reading
Price Control Efforts in Canada Threaten to Thwart Access to New Rare Disease Meds
New efforts by the Canadian government to regulate the cost of drugs threaten access to innovative treatments for patients with rare… Continue Reading
Phrank Talk about Diagnosing Rare Diseases
I studied Latin for four years. Reading it was not a problem. Translating it, though, was another issue. Once we moved on from Tres Porci… Continue Reading
Spotting Birds of a Feather
John Atkinson became a birder in fifth grader when his teacher told the students to put away their science books and follow her outside.… Continue Reading
It’s Good to Have Friends
It was nearly ten years ago when Charles Alvin Middleton became ill on a flight home to Tampa Bay, Florida from a business trip. He was met… Continue Reading

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