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Now Comes the Hard Part
Earlier this month during Novartis’ R&D Day, Dave Lennon caught the attention of the payer community when he said that the company’s… Continue Reading
Teens Want a Say about Their Genetic Information
When my wife became pregnant with our first child, the technician performing the ultrasound asked if we wanted to know the sex of the child.… Continue Reading
China Alliance for Rare Disease Holds Inaugural Meeting
Rare Daily Staff The inaugural meeting of the China Alliance for Rare Disease (CARD) was held in Beijing, China on October 24th. The… Continue Reading
Patient System to Help Diagnose People in European with Rare Diseases
Rare Daily Staff A new system developed by Irish health informatics company OpenApp for the European Commission allows secure online… Continue Reading
ACMG Call for National Policy to Control Drug Costs
ACMG Issues Policy Statement to Address Affordability of Treatments in Rare and Ultra-Rare Disorders Rare Daily Staff The American College… Continue Reading
Price Control Efforts in Canada Threaten to Thwart Access to New Rare Disease Meds
New efforts by the Canadian government to regulate the cost of drugs threaten access to innovative treatments for patients with rare… Continue Reading
New Zealand Agency Takes Steps to Improve Access to Rare Disease Therapies
Rare Daily Staff PHARMAC, the New Zealand government agency charged with determining which pharmaceuticals will be publicly funded in that… Continue Reading
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