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FDNA Collaboration with The Focus Foundation Identifies Facial Phenotype for 49ers Syndrome
Rare Daily Staff FDNA said its collaboration with The Focus Foundation has successfully developed recognition of the facial phenotype of… Continue Reading
NIH Researchers Establish Genetic Cause of Rare Bone Disorder
Rare Daily Staff Researchers at the National Institutes of Health uncovered a genetic basis of melorheostosis, a condition also known as… Continue Reading
Study Could Lead to Gene Editing Therapy for Inherited Blood Disorders
Rare Daily Staff A study that determined how naturally-occurring gene mutations can counter the effects of inherited blood diseases has… Continue Reading
University of Bonn Institutes Embrace FDNA’s Facial Analysis to Improve Diagnosis of Rare Diseases
Rare Daily Staff The Institute for Genome Statistics and Bioinformatics and the Institute of Human Genetics of the University Hospital of… Continue Reading

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