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Going Boldly
I recently watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the movie where the crew of the USS Enterprise travels back in time from the 23rd century… Continue Reading
Study Finds Facial Analysis Software Able to Identify Patients with Williams-Beuren Syndrome
Rare Daily Staff A new study has shown that researchers have successfully used facial analysis technology and clinical information to… Continue Reading
NEJM Publishes Promising Bluebird Bio Gene Therapy Data in Beta Thalassemia
Rare Daily Staff Interim data published in the New England Journal of Medicine from two separate studies of Bluebird Bio’s LentiGlobin,… Continue Reading
Novel Cell Therapy Restores Dystrophin in Mouse Model of DMD
Rare Daily Staff Researchers report that they significantly improved muscle function in a mouse model of the rare and fatal condition… Continue Reading
NIH to Launch Research Program to Develop Tools for Genome Editing
Rare Daily Staff The National Institutes of Health said it is launching an effort to remove barriers that slow the adoption of genome… Continue Reading
Failed COPD Drug Shows Promise as Treatment for Rare Bone Disease
Rare Daily Staff A drug Roche had unsuccessfully sought to develop as a treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has shown… Continue Reading
Transgenic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Skin of Boy with Rare Genetic Condition
Rare Daily Staff A seven-year-old boy in Germany who lost 80 percent of his skin to a potentially lethal rare genetic condition that causes… Continue Reading

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