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Where the NIH Does Its Banking
Biobanks play a critical role in biomedical research, providing scientists with ready access to cell lines, DNA, and other biomaterials that… Continue Reading
Why Doctors Should Ask About the Use of Supplements in Patients with Down Syndrome
My wife is a pediatrician and in better health than I am. She is physically fit and obsessively exercises, which is more than I would claim… Continue Reading
U.K. Gene Therapy Manufacturing Consortium Seeks to Address Barrier to Commercialization
Rare Daily Staff Plasticell, a developer of stem cell technologies and therapies, is leading a consortium of United Kingdom gene therapy… Continue Reading
Study Finds Facial Analysis Software Able to Identify Patients with Williams-Beuren Syndrome
Rare Daily Staff A new study has shown that researchers have successfully used facial analysis technology and clinical information to… Continue Reading
Failed Drug May Have New Life as Treatment for Rare Motor Neuron Disease
Rare Daily Staff A team of international researchers have identified a failed drug first discovered in the 1980s as a potential new… Continue Reading
Addressing the Challenges of R&D for Rare Cancer Therapies
Rare cancers, like other rare diseases, face the challenges of mustering research attention, access to patients and biological materials,… Continue Reading
A Victory for One
In 1886, the physician Jonathan Hutchinson examined a six-year-old patient who lacked hair and had the withered skin of an old man. Later,… Continue Reading
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