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How Rare Disease Advocates Can Get the Most out of Collaborations
Collaborations play a critical role in advancing potential treatments for a rare disease and can take many forms. In some cases, they may… Continue Reading
FDA Awards 12 Grants to Fund Clinical Trials to Advance Rare Disease Treatments
Rare Daily Staff The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that it has awarded 12 new clinical trial research grants totaling more than $18… Continue Reading
NIH Expands Undiagnosed Diseases Network with $100 Million in New Grants
Rare Daily Staff The National Institutes of Health said it would provide about $100 million in grants over the next four years to expand its… Continue Reading
NLMSF Launches Research Roundtable
Rare Daily Staff The National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation said it is launching the NLMSF International LMS Research Roundtable, an effort… Continue Reading
Patient System to Help Diagnose People in European with Rare Diseases
Rare Daily Staff A new system developed by Irish health informatics company OpenApp for the European Commission allows secure online… Continue Reading
Blood Test Could Help Diagnose Kids with Autism
Rare Daily Staff Investigators at the UC Davis MIND Institute and NeuroPointDX said they have identified a group of blood metabolites that… Continue Reading
Researchers Discover Mechanism that Reduces Neurodegeneration in Huntington’s Disease
Rare Daily Staff Researchers at the University of Cologne’s Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research said that they identified a system… Continue Reading

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