Chive Charities

Chive Charities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which inspires theCHIVE‘s community to champion orphaned causes in need of public awareness and financial assistance. Global Genes is a proud partner of Chive Charities and recommends applying for their grants if you do not meet the eligibility for Global Genes’ RARE Patient Impact Grant. Chive Charities is a Champion of Hope for the Rare Disease Community, working hard to share much needed awareness and financial assistance. Read below to find out if you meet Chive Charities’ eligibility for their application process. 


Chive Charities’ Eligibility Breakdown for Rare Medical Patients:
-Individuals must have a rare medical illness that is listed on Global Genes or GARD or a Dr’s letter is required, stating that the condition is so rare it has yet to be diagnosed or is suspected to be a rare medical illnesses, and that the patient cannot afford testing to determine the disorder.  FAQ.
-One goal of Chive Charities is to raise awareness for rare medical illnesses, keeping this in mind, if your diagnosis has already been written about by Chive Charities this will be taken into account in the application review process. However, it does not mean you are disqualified.
-Individuals from all economic backgrounds can apply. The family size and monthly expenses vs monthly income is taken into account when determining which grants items can or cannot be covered by current family income.
-Individuals/Families must have insurance and if they are eligible for state benefits they have  to have applied for those benefits. If they are requesting a medical item that is typically covered by insurance they must be able to provide us with a denial letter for the item which shows the reason for requesting said item.
Items Requested:
-All items you are requesting must be medically related and for the individual with the rare medical illness. A medical professional will be asked to verify these items are needed before any grants are given.
-Chive Charities grants are not for urgent needs. The application process may take several days to complete. Once you have completed the application you will hear back from CC within two weeks if you are denied. If you are moved on to the next phase the application will be reviewed at our quarterly board meetings. Once the application is approved it can be 1-3 months before your grant items are purchased and your story is released on Chive Charities due to the high volume of applicants. A story a week is shared on our website so the applicants are placed in order of the time they were received.


If you meet Chive Charities’ guidelines, you can apply here.