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Caregiver Lifestyle Series

April 16, 2023

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Resources and strategies to support progress at home.

Caregiver Lifestyle Series

Play-Based Learning That Incorporates Therapy Goals

As parents of children with rare diseases, we tried to support our children as best we could. There were limited or no resources available. We connected with other organizations and learned to adapt to our rare disease.

We sought professional guidance from therapists, but sessions were expensive. This meant we needed to be strategic with the paid services. We found ways to incorporate strategies into our daily life at home.

We know the importance of early intervention. Our goal is to bring these strategies to caregivers so they can create the same supportive lifestyle. On the third Sunday of every month, we will host an event dedicated to therapy and have professionals showcase how to incorporate strategies at home. The free hour-long event has translation available for registered guests. We also make the video available afterward.