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Duradash 2023

May 28, 2023 - June 10, 2023

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#duradash is a community event taking place from May 28 – June 10. During these 14 days, the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation is encouraging participants to accomplish a total of 150 minutes of any activity, to be done at any time, anywhere, in support of spinal CSF leak awareness.

What you do and when you do it is up to you—and ANY activity counts, not just physical activity! For many people living with spinal CSF leak, being upright at all is a challenge, due to pain and neurological symptoms. This is why the theme of #duradash is to “start where you are” and perform any activity you enjoy that’s appropriate for your health state. Last year, participants logged activity minutes playing video games, doing photography projects, reading to their kids, taking short walks, spending time with their pets, making art while flat, and more—all of which counted towards their 150-minute goal.

Please join us to raise awareness and support research for intracranial hypotension and spinal CSF leak!