Auriculo-Condylar Syndrome


Type of disease: Rare conditions

Auriculo-condylar syndrome is a condition that affects a person’s facial development, especially their ears and lower jaw. People with auriculo-condylar syndrome have malformed outer ears that are sometimes called “question-mark ears” because they are shaped like a question mark. Other ear of people with this syndrome are more cupped shaped or the ears may have fewer folds than most ears have. In addition to the outer ear being a different shape, some people have a narrow ear canal and hearing loss. People with auriculo-condylar syndrome can also have a small jaw and problems with the joint that allows the jaw to move up and down. Other features of people affected by auriculo-condylar syndrome include cleft palate (a hole in the top of the mouth), a small mouth, and different size features on the right and left sides of the face. Talk with your doctor to find the best treatment if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with auriculo-condylar syndrome.

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