Blepharoptosis Cleft Palate Ectrodactyly Dental Anomalies


Type of disease: Rare conditions

Blepharoptosis – Cleft Palate – Ectrodactyly – Dental Anomalies is a rare condition mainly characterized by drooping of the upper eyelids, opening of the upper lip, missing fingers, and problems of the teeth. Individuals with this condition have hands that appear claw-like due to missing fingers. Individuals may have problems with seeing, eating, as well as tasks involving the hands. The condition is also often diagnosed during childhood. Doctors diagnose this condition based on physical examinations. Treatment is based on a case-by-case basis and depends on the specific needs of the patient. Eye, mouth and hand specialists may suggest individuals undergo surgery to fix problems to help with problems. Physical therapists may also create exercise plans to help improve hand movements.

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