Congenital articular rigidity


Type of disease: Rare conditions

Congenital articular rigidity is a condition that causes extreme stiffness in one or more joints of the body. Joints are connecting points for bones in the body, and most enable movement (for example, the joint in your elbow allows you to move your forearm up and down and side to side). However, those born with this condition usually have trouble moving parts of the body associated with an affected joint because of the joint’s stiffened state. Limited range of motion, or no movement of body parts associated with an affected joint, is a major symptom for this this condition. Congenital articular rigidity is a very rare disease and treatment options depend greatly on an individual’s specific symptoms. Joint and bone specialists, such as neuromusculoskeletal physicians and orthopedic surgeons, can help develop a treatment or management plan for an individual with this condition.

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