Depersonalization Disorder


Type of disease: Rare conditions

Depersonalization disorder is a mental health condition in which a person feels disconnected from their body. People with this condition feel as if they are observing their life from outside their body and that things around them are not real. For some, the symptoms are mild and last just a short time. When symptoms are chronic, or last over a longer period of time, they can become very problematic and interfere with daily life. Depersonalization disorder rarely occurs alone and is usually a symptom of another disorder. Dangerous situations commonly trigger periods of depersonalization. A psychiatrist or psychologist can diagnose depersonalization disorder through interviews and assessment tools. In order to be diagnosed the patient must have periods of depersonalization, in which they realize the experience is not real, symptoms interfere with their life, and symptoms are not caused by the effects of another mental health disorder, alcohol or drugs. Treatment for depersonalization disorder is primarily talk therapy, however medication may be added if needed.

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