Hemophilic arthropathy


Type of disease: Rare conditions

Hemophilic arthropathy is a condition characterized by permanent joint disease associated with hemophilia, a disorder that results in excessive bleeding. Hemophilia may sometimes result in bleeding into the joint space, or hemarthrosis, which may cause damage to the joint. Around 50% of people with hemophilia develop hemophilic arthropathy. The knees, ankles, elbows, hip and shoulders are most commonly involved. Symptoms of hemophilic arthropathy include joint pain, swelling, and difficulty moving joints. A physician can use blood tests to diagnose hemophila and can use a physical exam and x-rays to diagnose hemophila arthropathy. If the condition is caught early, blood infusions can prevent or delay joint destruction. If the joint damage is severe, joint replacement surgery may be necessary.

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